Making a Gif

Making a gif can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you do it is a pretty quick process.  The first thing you need to do is finding the clip you want to use, on youtube for example.  Next you need to download the video clip using a website like or  Next, you need to trim the clip down using a software such as mpeg streamclip.  This is as simple as playing the video until you want your gif to start and clicking “in”, then once your gif part ends click “out” and finally click “trim”.  Next save the clip to other formats, you change the drop down bar to image sequence and the frame rate of 12.  Next you’ll need the program Gimp.  Once its open, click open as layers, and open all the images you saved from the image sequence of your clip.  Finally, again in the file menu, clip export and save the file as a .gif.  When the pop up comes up, check the as animation box. Now you’ve got a gif!


The other day we read an article on copyright and fair use.  That topic came up in an episode of Shark Tank I was watching the other day.  One guy had a clothing company and the big thing it had was a pocket for your mp3 player and it had a little hole for your headphones for convenience.  While this episode was not new, it still appeared to me, and the sharks, that this was not a new idea.  The owner of the company then revealed that he had a patent for this technology and every other company who had incorporated this idea into their clothing had infringed on it.  This blew the sharks away because of how valuable this patent could be, and there were two drastic reactions on either end of the spectrum.  Mark Cuban was furious with this, he proclaimed that one of the things he hates about the world of business are patents like this that people often accidentally infringe on, which allows the patent owner to sue and make a lot of money off of.  He explained that he hates that people create patents like that with suing as the primary plan, not to run an honest business better than the other person.  Kevin O’Leary then responded with his approval of the patent idea.  He said that “thats how the world works” and that making money is making money.  He and Cuban went back and forth with each other, with Cuban ending up very angry and O’Leary and the business owner.  This just comes across to me as the two farthest ends of the copyright spectrum and I thought it was interesting to see how two billionaire businessmen view the way copyright laws work, because I know many people hate it just as much as Cuban.