Articles for Thursday

Information/Communication Representations

1. Tv ad’s, the daisy ad for example, which uses propaganda and (not so) subliminal messaging
2. Twitter, espn having live debates with analysts arguing which team will win an upcoming game and people tweeting a hashtag in support of either side
3. Music, artists making songs and lyrics supporting different causes such as political ideas or candidates
4. Internet sidebars, how google tracks where you visit online and uses that information to show ad’s that may relate to you
5. Website surveys, the website will have you fill out a form to hopefully gain useful and profitable information before you can use something on the website

US History & Film Project: 12 Years a Slave

Preliminary Resource List:

Ernest, John. “(Re)Mediated History: 12 Years a Slave.” American Literary History 26, no.2 (April 3, 2014): 367-373. (accessed September 5, 2014).

Li, Stephanie. “12 Years a Slave as a Neo-Slave Narrative.” American Literary History 26, no.2 (January 31, 2014): 326-331. (accessed September 6, 2014).

Tillet, Salamishah. “I Got No Comfort in This Life’: The Increasing Importance of Patsey in 12 Years a Slave.” American Literary History 26, no.2 (January 31, 2014): 354-361. (accessed September 6, 2014).

Toplin, Robert Brent. “Making a Slavery Docudrama.” OAH Magazine of History 1, no.2, Teaching about Slavery (Fall, 1985): 17-19. (accessed September 9, 2014).

Urban, Andrew. “Art as an Ally to Public History: 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained.” The Public Historian 36, no.1 (Feb., 2014): 81-86. http// (accessed September 9, 2014).

Williams, Chad L. “Solomon Northup’s Odyssey: From American Playhouse to 12 Years a Slave.” Humanities 35, no.1 (Jan/Feb., 2014): 16-52.

Projects I’d Like to Do

1. My favorite idea was to recreate an old movie using new technology. I think it would be neat to see how a great old movie would look except with modern special effects. One movie that really comes to mind is The Birds. When I was little, my aunt said that was the scariest movie she ever saw, but when I watched it for myself several years later, it didn’t seem like much to me. Part of this was because the birds did not look realistic at all. I think if that movie was recreated, or retouched, it would have a much more intense effect.

2. I’ve always been interested in ancient history, so I think researching the different ancient paintings and writings, then mapping and timelining(?) them would be exciting for me.

3. I also like the idea of recreating some old radio broadcast. Something that comes to mind is Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside talks or his telling the public about Pearl Harbor. Perhaps something like a timeline of a bunch of his fireside talks, so we could use timelinejs and the media program.