Scrapbook Digitization Contract

Group Members: Ellen Peiser, Ronald Vest, Alex Young, Jessica Chrisman, and Laura-Michal Balderson


Our mission is to offer a sample snapshot of the changing values of Mary Washington in the 1960s, through the student and organizational scrapbooks in the Special Collections of Simpson Library. We intend to digitize these resources, making them available through a public website and crafting a narrative by placing them within a larger context. We have chosen scrapbooks that span the whole decade of the sixties, and will create the narrative arch of the site based on specific content. Given the distinct nature of these resources, our audience will presumably be students and alumni of Mary Washington, working on academic or personal projects.


We will be scanning the scrapbooks using the equipment provided by the Special Collections department at Simpson Library, and processing those images in Adobe Acrobat to create in-text searchable versions of the pages. We will utilize dropbox to store the files while we work on them, making them available to the whole group simultaneously. Microsoft Word will be used for transcription, as well as the collection and creation of content such as web-page text and metadata, before this content is entered into the appropriate fields on the website.

We will be building an Omeka based website and exhibit which will be housed on We plan to use either Timeline JS or the Omeka plugin Neatline to create a timeline placing pieces of our project within the context of the 1960s. We anticipate that the following plugins will be useful: Docs Viewer, Dublin Core Extended, Hide Elements, Item Order, Item Relations, PDF Text, Search by Metadata, Simple Vocab, and Zoom It. It is likely that this list will expand and change as the project progresses. We will be using Google docs and Google spreadsheet to collaborate and keep track of our progress throughout the project.


Scrapbooks will be scanned in the library at 600 dpi and saved as tif files. These files will be uploaded to a dropbox account as well as to a flash-drive, as a backup. The files will then be organized and processed, resizing and manipulating the images as needed. Transcriptions of the handwritten content will be provided and OCR will be run on the typed content. A controlled vocabulary needs to be decided on to ensure efficiency and organization. Metadata must be decided on and entered into the appropriate fields.

A website needs to be built to house these files, including pages to introduce and explain the project and website, and to provide a narrative lens through which to view the scrapbooks. The website will include searchable data and digital recreations of the scrapbooks. Users will be able to browse, recreating the process of leafing through the scrapbooks, or search one book or the whole site for specific content. We will also build an interactive timeline with markers for global, national, local, and Mary Washington history from the 1960s, as well as pathways to our scrapbooks. By selecting content from the timeline, the website will lead the user to a related scrapbook collection.

Scrapbooks have been prioritized as follows (numbers refer to catalogue placement)

*scrapbooks are organized due to preservation, completeness, and informational concerns


High Priority

        30. MWC: Pi Delta Gamma Home Economics Department (1961-1964)
34. MWC: Home Economics Club (1964-1967)
36. MWC of UVA: Young Republicans (1967)
37. MWC: The Young Republicans (1968-1969)


     32. MWC: The Home Economics Club (1963-1964)
38. MWC of UVA: The Young Republican Club (1969)
35. Betty Lewis (1965-1966)
33. Scrapbook: Class of 1964 (1964)


         31.Betty Lewis (1963-1964)
29. American Guild of Organists (1960-1965)

Division of Labor:


·         Create controlled vocabulary for search terms, tags, and metadata

·         Assist as needed when personal tasks are completed

·         Decide on method for organization and sharing of files

o   Group Dropbox account

o   Google spreadsheet



·         Transcription

·         OCR



·         Context Research

·         Timeline creation

– recording Metadata and Tagging information



·         Scanning

– uploading images to dropbox


·         Website construction

·        Metadata and Tag entry

– exhibit construction

-collection creation, including uploading images



·         Website construction

·         Metadata and Tag entry

– exhibit construction

– collection creation, including uploading images


Tuesday, Feb 18: (Thursday, Feb 13)

-Controlled vocabulary of metadata and tags

– Set up Google Spreadsheet format for organizational purposes

– Name website and URL

– Finish setting up subdomain of with Omeka (contingent upon Dr. McClurken’s assistance),

– Create system for numbering blank pages


Thursday, Feb 20:

– Ronnie first scrapbook completely scanned

– Alex finishes first scrapbook metadata and scrapbook tags

– Alex completed bibliography

– Ellen and Laura- Michal visit DTLT to talk about configuring Omeka website, meet with Ms. Parsons about information architecture

– Jessica start transcription of first scrapbook


Thursday, Feb 27:

– Ronnie finishes scanning second scrapbook

– Alex finishes second scrapbook metadata and scrapbook tags

– Alex finishes World Context (2-3 pages)

– Jessica finishes first scrapbook transcription and runs OCR


Thursday, March 13

-Alex finishes National Context (2-3 pages)


Tuesday, March 18:

– Ronnie finish scanning third scrapbook

– Alex finishes third scrapbook metadata and tags

– Jessica finishes second scrapbook transcription and runs OCR

– Laura-Michal and Ellen have completely configured Omeka

– Laura- Michal and Ellen finish inputting metadata for first scrapbook


Tuesday, March 20

– Alex completes Fredericksburg and Mary Washington context (2-3 pages)

Wednesday, March 26

– Laura- Michal and Ellen finish inputting metadata for first scrapbook


Thursday, March 27:

– Ronnie finish scanning fourth scrapbook

–  Alex finishes fourth scrapbook metadata and tags

– Jessica finishes third scrapbook transcription and runs OCR

– Ellen and Laura- Michal finish inputting second scrapbook metadata


Thursday, April 3:

– Alex completes timeline

– Ellen and Laura- Michal finish inputting second scrapbook metadata

– Ellen and Laura- Michal finish inputting third scrapbook metadata

– Jessica finishes fourth scrapbook transcription and OCR



– Group: Regroup, reassess,

– Group: create symposium presentation

– Ellen and Laura-Michal finishing inputting fourth scrapbook metadata.

– Ellen and Laura- Michal finish metadata entry,

– Ellen and Laura- Michal: clean up and polish website


*If time permits:

Tuesday, April 15:

– Ronnie finishes scanning fifth scrapbook

– Alex finishes fifth metadata and tags

– Jessica finishes fifth transcription and runs OCR

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