Then and Now Contract

By:  Meaghan Sullivan, Alex Parrish, Conner Allen, Jess Reingold, Carly Winfield

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create and display a digital exhibit of then and now photographs depicting the University of Mary Washington’s Fredericksburg campus dating from the University’s establishment in 1908 through the present time. We will also do our best to provide context for each of the photos in an effort to portray the evolution of student life and campus structure.  We will achieve this through the creation of a UMW Blogs site,, which will host an interactive map and two main collections of then and now photographs totaling approximately sixty pairs of photographs.  The two collections, structural and student life, will then be broken down into smaller collections to better organize our exhibit.  We intend to have this organized in following the fashion:

  • Structural- One pair of “then” and “now” photographs for each

    • Current Academic Buildings

      • Monroe

      • Trinkle

      • Chandler

        • Future Campus Center

      • Fine Arts Center

        • Du Pont

        • Pollard

        • Melchers

      • Jepson

      • Combs

      • Simpson Library

        • Future Convergence Center

    • Current Residential Buildings

      • Virginia

      • Willard

      • Alvey

      • Arrington

      • Randolph

      • Mason

      • Ball

      • Westmoreland

      • Madison

      • Marshall

      • Russell

      • Custis

      • Jefferson

      • Bushnell

      • South

      • Framar

      • UMW Apartments

    • Other Buildings and Locations

      • Lee Hall

      • Brent House

      • George Washington Hall

      • Seacobeck

      • Woodard Campus Center

      • Marye House

      • Bell Tower

      • Palmeri Plaza

      • Framar Pool

      • Amphitheater

      • Entrances

      • Jepson Alumni Center (Trench Hill)

  • Student Life- We estimate two pairs of photographs for each

    • Events

      • Devil Goat Day

      • Commencement

      • Orchestra Concerts

      • Dances

      • Contests

      • Events on Ball

    • Extracurricular Activities

      • Clubs

      • Sports

      • Everyday life

      • Academic scenes

Note I: We do not plan to include any structures built within the last five years (i.e., Anderson Center, Eagle Landing Apartments) and anything located outside of the perimeter of campus or anything that is not iconic to the campus. We understand we have not included every single structure on the Fredericksburg campus.

Note II: We acknowledge that Shannon Hauser, Simpson Library, is working on a similar project involving the University buildings. Throughout this process we plan on corresponding with her to create distinct but complementary projects.


Basic Division of Labor:

  • Group

    • gather “then” photographs

    • formatting the pairs of photographs

    • writing captions for each pair of photographs

    • metadata- the same metadata as the UMW Digital Archives for the sake of consistency with other UMW resources and databases

      • the metadata will be stored in the description of the pairs of photographs

    • create a standard for tags

    • uploading photos to site

    • design and maintenance of website

Each group member will be assigned twelve to fifteen pairs of “then” and “now” photographs to format and write captions and descriptions for. The assignment of the pairs will be determined by numerical order according to the master list (see Milestones below) to ensure cohesion within the group.

  • Alex

    • photography of “now” photographs

    • advertising

  • Conner

    • assist Alex with “now” photographs

    • create introductory video

  • Jess

    • assist Alex with “now” photographs

    • CSS, templates, and place holders on website

  • Meaghan

    • assist Alex with “now” photographs

    • creator and keeper of the master list

    • advertising

  • Carly

    • assist Alex with “now” photographs

    • Google Map of campus

    • advertising


Tools and Resources:

  • WordPress- building and hosting of the site

  • Pixlr/Photoshop- to edit and format the pairs of photographs

  • Spreadsheet Mapper v3- to create the interactive Google Map

  • Google Docs- to organize group information and communicate effectively

  • Gmail- interested parties can contact us at

  • Dropbox- to organize and share photographs

  • iMovie- to create the introductory video

  • Scanner- to scan “then” photographs from the Battlefield yearbooks

  • Digital Archives, Special Collections, Yearbooks- source of “then” photographs

  • Carolyn Parsons- advise with “then” photographs

  • Dr. McClurken- supervisor, professor, motivational speaker, spiritual advisor, fellow tweeter, friend

  • DTLT Team- technical support

  • Dr. Spencer in Historic Preservation-  advise on history of the campus

  • Dr. Crawley’s book The University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History (2008)-reference for captions

  • UMW Buildings Blog



  • February 19, 2014: master list created and shared with group members, establish and set-up webpage on UMWHistory ( Give Dr. McClurken roof accessibility request and future building models request.

  • February 23, 2014: select theme for website, design initial structure for website, have first fifteen pairs of photographs completed.

  • March 9, 2014: have thirty pairs of photographs (approximately half) completed, set up templates and placeholders for webpages, create storyboard for introductory video.

  • March 16, 2014: have forty-five pairs of photographs completed. Have first fifteen pairs of photographs uploaded to site with captions and metadata.

  • March 23, 2014: have all pairs of photographs completed, have thirty pairs of photographs uploaded with captions and metadata.

  • March 30, 2014: have forty-five pairs of photographs uploaded with captions and metadata. Have draft script and all necessary footage/material for introductory video.

  • April 6, 2014: have all pairs of photographs uploaded with captions and metadata. Map completed and embedded. Discuss possible photo blending for certain pairs of photographs.

  • April 13, 2014:  introductory video completed and embedded. Have talked to The Bullet, the Alumni Association, the Historic Preservation Department, Shannon Hauser, and Simpson Library and other resources we have thought of for advertising our site.

  • April 20, 2014: Polish the final webpage, resolve any technical issues (make sure links, maps, etc. are all working properly).

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